15th International Antalya Piano Fest - 04.12.2014

15th International Antalya Piano Fest

The 15th International Antalya Piano Fest meet the music lovers with the coordination of Gürer Aykal the overall art direction and general coordinator of the assumed Seren Akyoldas. The festival organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality while all artist coordination, hospitality services, accommodation, transportation, air tickets, concerts and overall coordination of residential areas is organizing by us for 28 days. During the festival Indila, Freddy Kempf, Paul Lewis, Christian Zacharias, Hüseyin Sermet, Eliane Elias, Tord Gustavsen, Fahr Atakoglu apart as successful musicians took the stage. The 5 Browns performed at the closing concert. The guest of honor was the legendary pianist Alfred Brendel at the festival. We look forward to take place at the 16th International Antalya Piano Fest and thank you everyone who performed to make this event such a unique one.

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